Lauren Bath

In 2014 I was deemed Australia’s first professional Instagrammer by the national media after quitting my job as a chef to work full time as a travel photographer, heavily relying on my Instagram following to get a foot in the door.

Since then I have worked on a staggering 200+ travel campaigns with various destination marketing boards and brands, including Tourism Australia, Switzerland Tourism, Tourism South Africa, Visit Finland, Olympus Australia and more. Now, with over 460,000 followers, I have stretched my wings into consultancy, conferencing and public speaking to help others achieve success. I have been featured by 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Money Magazine, Marie Claire, National Geographic, My Modern Met and more and in 2015 I was awarded a finalist in the Gold Coast “Women in Business” awards. 




With the rise of social media there are now more ways than ever to promote your work, and yet somehow it's harder than ever to be really seen. I believe that Instagram can be a valuable tool that leads to clients and opportunities and, despite many photographers believing the platform is too saturated, I can teach you how to make it work for you. No bullshit, no shortcuts, just the work you have to put in to create a beautiful gallery that doubles as a 24/7 portfolio.  First Instagram was too amateur for photographers to use but before long it was THE place to showcase your work. These days the platform is considered saturated and too much of a time sucker to do well at, many creatives are turning their backs on Instagram in search of the next big thing.

My presentation will hopefully convince you that, not only is Instagram still relevant but if you know how to use it well you can attract valuable leads to your business and drive success. ‘Instagram for Photographers’ will cover what you can achieve with a solid Instagram strategy, gives you some tips on standing out from the crowd and stresses the benefits of a smaller but more targeted and engaged audience. I’ll also talk a little about my back-story, gear and the business side of the industry.