Keren Dobia

At the 2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards, a photographer and judge said of Keren’s work that “there are some portraits that simply say what we look like, and there’s some that say who we are.” This is the principle that has inspired Keren’s ongoing series of portraits depicting Australian artists and artisans, I AM. – four of which earnt her the distinction of being named the 2017 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. 

Keren is an accredited professional photographer and a creative director of theatrical compositions. Her artwork is influenced by her background in painting, drawing, and fashion, and her images often blur the line between photography and illustration. Keren’s creativity extends to the design and fabrication of costumes and sets. With a natural attention to detail and her industry recognised postproduction skills, Keren moulds her inspirational work from concept to completion.

In addition, Keren’s friendly and energetic personality puts both her creative team and her subjects at ease. This distinctive approach attracts commissions equally from burlesque, circus, and theatre performers, as well as from public care providers.

Keren holds a Diploma of Photoimaging from Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT), and lectures at Melbourne Polytechnic and RMIT in the photoimaging courses alongside her creative and commercial work.

Keren Dobia "I AM" - The Story Behind Creative Prints

Keren will discuss the unique stories and people behind her in progress series I AM. and the process that was undertaken to create these very stylised portraits.

The series showcases a variety of Australian creative talent through stylised portraits of individuals, using objects, props and artwork that help to represent or illustrate who they are.

She will share the ideas, techniques and process behind her dramatic portraits.

It will be presented in a seminar style presentation showcasing behind the screen stills and video illustrated concept drawings and the final images.

Please welcome Keren Dobia, our 2017 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year to Lenscape.